Alesia & the Hollow Tree EP

by Alesia & the Hollow Tree

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released November 7, 2013

A very special thanks to Richard Addison, Maxime Sanschagrin, Vincent Patry, Sarah-Jeanne Landry, Simon Francoeur and to our friends and families for their support.

Music: Xavier Ménard
Lyrics and vocals arrangements: Emmanuel Boucher & Xavier Ménard

Lead and back vocals, acoustic guitar and percs: Emmanuel Boucher
Acoustic and classical guitar: Xavier Ménard
Back vocals and arrangements: Maxime Sanschagrin & Vincent Patry

Artworks: Sarah-Jeanne Landry & Emmanuel Boucher

Photos: Simon Francoeur

Production, recording and mixing: Xavier Ménard at home studio
Mastering: Richard Addison at Trillium Sound Studio



all rights reserved


Alesia & the Hollow Tree Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Prologue
Ces rues du plateau viennent vers nous tellement rapidement, le
temps nous file entre les doigts, mais que faire, continuer à se battre ou s’arrêter et regarder tout ce qui nous passe devant les yeux et ne rien pouvoir y faire, à quoi faut-il s’accrocher, aux parcomètres? Ils sont déjà pris par les vélos rouillés, fatigués comme nous tous. Heureusement, il y a les arbres, ils ne font pas juste rafraîchir l’air que l’on pollue, ils apaisent notre esprit trop chargé. Pourquoi la solitude fait tant de mal au point de boire uniquement de l’eau de vie qui tue. Ces rues du plateau, elles révèlent la vérité sur nous, c’est pour ça qu’elles nous font aussi peur, mais nous ne sommes pas seuls. C’est peut-être les autres personnes qui nous sont inconnus. Ce n’est pas facile d’être courageux comme ces pigeons qui s’approchent de chaque personne en espérant un peu de pain. Peut-être que si notre vie en dépendait on se lèverait enfin dans les rues pour avoir ce que l’on veut ou pour s’ouvrir sur le monde, pour oublier de gagner du temps, pour notre propre personne et ainsi les inconnus de la rue, ne seraient qu’une vieille peur.
Track Name: Guitar & a Backpack
In my tiny apartment there’s just no space, I’ve got no free time, everything is a race
The smog and black smoke fill the air; I am now hopeless, in despair
I don’t think I’m going stay, Can’t stand the grey skies, need to go away
Can’t put up with so much stress, my life is such a mess

Don’t think I’ve ever felt this before, this place is dark and dull and I need more
Than the streets covered in pavement, I want something different
If only I could with my guitar and a backpack go out in the woods and never come back

I just might leave tonight get rid of all my problems and make everything right
‘Cause in the city, no one will miss me
Tired of running in circles, I’ll connect with nature, live as a whole
Out there, there must be a place for me; I’ll live in peace and harmony
Track Name: A New Home

To walk in a dense forest to go back to our roots
This forest, it is the proof that life is a cycle.
While trees are dying, falling to the ground, some others are born another life begins

To walk in a dense forest where it’s impossible
To pass without leaving traces behind
You cannot move without making noise, branches break, dead leaves crackle


These sounds, these sights, these perpetual motions
Make me feel different, a unique emotion


I need to stop, and the fire it keeps me safe
It keeps me warm and it almost feels like home
When the fire dies at the end of the day, a continuous noise, a silence is heard

It can only be the sound of the river
Its water it flows, day after day
It is a proof of life, of death, of fear and of strength, then after all this, it has found its way


And all of these beautiful things were hidden from me
My eyes were closed but now I can see
Track Name: Curiosity
Curiosity is leading me towards the unknown

The great light I’ve been looking for will shine upon me soon

It’s dark and I don’t know where I’m going but all I’ve got to do is wait

In a few hours the sun will rise and on that day a new life will begin
Track Name: This is My Kind of Place
My ears, they perceive a distant noise
My head tells me I’ve got to go
As my feet start following the sound
My mouth opens but nothing comes out

Is that what I’ve been waiting for?
Maybe all this pain won’t be in vain
My eyes were looking for a new light
But, right in front of me is a beautiful sight


They were all around the bonfire
Laughing, dancing and singing along
Playing music all together with the ones they love
This is my kind of place and it feels like home


As the sun rises and the stars vanish
My dreams are becoming reality
Why does daylight hurt so much?
Is there something wrong with me?

I can finally open my eyes
And look into yours
To lay a kiss and feel the reality
Right here on my lips


They were all around the bonfire
Laughing, dancing and singing along
Playing music all together with the ones they love
This is my kind of place and it feels like home